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“I see so many people coming out of college who have terrible writing skills and have trouble communicating effectively on paper. The class was an excellent way to improve on this problem. I recommend it highly to everyone. It went a long way toward improving my communication skills!”
Tom Beck, Project Manager

 “The class reminded me of how we are evaluated by our writing, and how important the way we communicate is to the company’s image.”     
Daniel Feroleto, Senior Designer

“Lisa’s editing of my municipal narratives not only corrected my mistakes, but also taught me to be a better writer.” 
Derek Knuepfer, Planner

 “This class was very useful, a good refresher of all the writing rules and standards. The reference manual will also be very helpful.” 
Elizabeth Kahn, Project Manager

“Lisa is savvy at catching design incongruities as well as clients’ grammar mistakes.  I always feel more comfortable having her look over materials prior to costly printing and submittals.”
Jonathan Howard, Graphic Designer

 “Lisa did a great job on this class. She designed the class with our company’s purpose in mind. She put much time and effort into how the class should be structured, topics, and how the material would be received.”
Bob Huntley, Training Manager

“Writers shouldn’t edit their own work. As a writer, I have depended on Lisa’s editing skills for many years.  Her expertise always gives my writing a professional polish.” 
Kate Savory, Author

Phoenix, Arizona

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