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Class Topics

The A-Z of Effective Writing Skills

Effective Writing Issues
  • Writing from your reader’s perspective—and why it’s vitally important
  • Beginning the writing process: planning and outlining
  • Heading hierarchies and their importance
  • Flow and coherence
  • Characteristics of a good paragraph
  • Strategies to improve sentence clarity and variety
  • Conciseness: methods to eliminate wordiness and choose the best words and phrases
  • Consistency: parallel structure and other devices
  • Reviewing and revising your document
  • Editing and proofreading tips to produce cleaner documents
  • Where to get help when you need it: reference materials and internet links
General Business Writing Issues
  • The basic business letter, memo, and report
  • Email etiquette
  • Tone in business writing
  • Subordinating negatives in good news and neutral messages
Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics Issues
  • Basic punctuation rules: what to use when
  • Grammar and mechanics issues:
    • Basic parts of speech
    • Making subjects and verbs agree
    • Tense consistency
    • Capitalization
    • Singular vs. plural agreement
    • Active vs. passive voice
    • Sentence fragments
    • Using pronouns clearly


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