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Helping Professionals Write More Effectively


How We Can Help You

At 360 Writing Tools, we help business professionals improve their written communications. Our focus on the three C’s — clarity, conciseness, and consistency — helps you polish dull, unclear, or sloppy documents into clear and cohesive writing that connects with readers to improve your bottom line.

Effective writing will help accomplish your goals:


Satisfaction is the Best Advertisement

“I see so many people coming out of college who have terrible writing skills and have trouble communicating effectively on paper. The class was an excellent way to improve on this problem. I recommend it highly to everyone. It went a long way toward improving my communication skills!”

Tom Beck, Project Manager


Why Is Effective Writing Important?

Writing Quality Can Affect Your Bottom Line

For many business professionals, writing well is often a stumbling block to success. They may not be effectively communicating their findings, powerfully explaining their capabilities for the job, or competently producing day-to-day writing. Why?

Most people fall into poor stylistic or grammar habits that mar their writing. They may have forgotten lessons learned in English class long ago, and taking the time to review and polish these skills has not been a priority.

Yet in this knowledge-based economy, governed by communication through the written word—e-mail, memos, reports, proposals—the ability to write clearly, concisely, and with impact is valuable. Those who write well look professional, are considered credible, and become successful, no matter what their technical expertise, industry, or work product.

Effective writing is good business. Ineffective writing costs time, money, and lost business opportunities. It has been said that in the United States, an estimated 30% of all business writing is to clarify or seek clarification of something already written.

The quality of writing can mean the difference between getting hired or fired, keeping or losing clients, appearing professional or not. In fact, producing clear written communications helps companies distinguish themselves in a tight economy.

Effective writing is a skill that can be learned. The 360 Writing Tools program will ensure that your staff has the means to produce professional, readable documents.

Through awareness, feedback, and practice, staff will replace their poor writing habits with better ones. They will provide better communications to improve relationships and outcomes, and enhance their own professional development. The result: more business success!

• Receive the contract
• Increase satisfaction and client return
• Earn a reputation for great work
• Increase profitability
• Build efficiency – less time lost in miscommunication snafus
• Boost referrals
• Enhance credibility/trust
• Improve product and services delivery

Even if your work is superb, your findings on target, your content valid—if the writing is hard to read because of disorganized, cluttered sentences, or bad grammar and punctuation, you will not meet your goals. Why take the chance?

Instead, receive 360 degrees of support for your writing success through our unique program of integrated tools. Our power comes from combining
• training
• editing
• resources
to ensure adult learning, retention, and application. Check out the services page for details.

Why Use Us?

An Integrated Solution

Typically, training classes are one-time events where information is directed at the learners, who then must go back to day-to-day business and implement the material on their own.

Similarly, editors usually receive documents under deadline pressure, make corrections, and the writers seldom see the fixes or learn to change their poor writing habits.

360 Writing Tools is different. We blend these functions with extra services to ensure that your staff has a complete toolbox to produce professional, readable documents that accomplish your goals.

First, a series of customized classes reviews and explains effective business/technical writing skills.

Second, on-going editing services reinforce class content with one-on-one feedback to refine individual skills. Additionally, general editing services are available and recommended.

Third, resources such as a company style guide, reference materials, and on-call “ask the editor” services strengthen your staff’s capabilities.

To top it all, program facilitator M. Lisa Forner, MA—a passionate, expert trainer and editor—constantly keeps your mission and goals in mind.

Contact us now to schedule a Needs Analysis.
By interviewing your staff, reviewing existing documents, and understanding your mission, goals, and objectives, we’ll develop a Plan of Action to fit your specific needs to help your business communicate more effectively.

Phoenix, Arizona

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